Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

  • If you don't have it already Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Open SQL Management Studio Express and connect to the PROVIDUSSTD instance
  • In the right pane, expand PROVIDUSSTD and right click Databases->Attach
  • Click the Add button in middle of the dialog that comes up
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data and select ProvidusDB_Data.MDF
  • Click OK, then Click OK again to attach
  • Try opening Web Scraper again, if you get an error about providus_sys, do the following

  • Under (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Databases -> ProvidusDB -> Security folder -> Schemas, right click providus_sys and change owner Schema owner to "guest" without quotes.
  • Again in (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Databases -> ProvidusDB -> Security folder -> Users or Logins, right click providus_sys and choose Delete.
  • Now under (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Security -> Logins
    • Right click the Logins folder and select New Login...
    • Give it the name providus_sys
    • Choose SQL authentication with password machupicchu
    • Un-check Enforce password policy checkbox
    • Click Server Roles in the left pane and check sysadmin
    • Click user mapping in left pane and check ProvidusDB in the top right pane
    • Then check db_owner in the bottom pane
    • Press OK
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