Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING THIS. IN MOST CASES IT DOES NOT WORK. If there's already an instance on your machine, Click Here

Yes, there is. It is by no means an advertised configuration. But here are the basic steps if you really don't prefer to have an instance of MSSQL2K5 Express on your machine.

If you haven't installed anything yet:
  1. Download the CD version of Web Scraper plus
  2. Extract to C:\WebScraperPlusCD
  3. Follow the manual install instruction under C:\WebScraperPlusCD\ManualInstall, but ignore the second step regarding InstallMSDE.cmd

If you already installed Web Scraper Plus (the first two steps are only if you have data you want to save)
  1. Export all datapages and packages you want to save
  2. make a copy of ProvidusDB.mdf and ProvidusDB.ldf from C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data (just to be extra sure)
  3. Under add/remove programs, remove the PROVIDUSSTD Instance that Web Scraper installed in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Now you should have a shell of an installation of Web Scraper Plus. The program files are there, the registry is set up, but there is no SQL Express Instance.
  1. From the start menu, select Run and type "regedit"
  2. Under LocalMachine\Software\Velocityscape change the connection string. It will look like a random sequence of characters are first because it is encoded. But you can change it to whatever you need. Something like "Password=PASS;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=master;Data Source=(local)\;"
  3. Make sure that in the registry, IsFirstRun = 1
  4. Start Web Scraper. Web Scraper will connect to the database instance indicated in the registry and attempt to create a database named ProvidusDB.
  5. Now go edit the ShapeCnStr field under the settings table of ProvidusDB to point to the same instance as in the registry. Be sure to leave the "Provider" field intact.
  6. Now restart Web Scraper.

At this point I believe you will be all set. If not please contact support@velocityscape.com. I'm just recalling this from memory, so if anyone has just done this procedure and sees where there needs to be clarifying then either change this or let me know

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