Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

The thing to try is a manual install of just the SQL Express database.

For 64-bit versions of Windows click here, otherwise follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the CD version of Web Scraper plus.
  2. Unzip this to C:\WebScraperPlusCD.
  3. Run C:\WebScraperPlusCD\ManualInstall\InstallMSDE.cmd. The manual instructions in the same folder can be ignored since most of the install is finished except for the SQL installation.
  4. This should install successfully. If it doesn’t at least you will see the install process for the SQL Server and where it is having trouble.

Once that is finished try Web Scraper again. It may have fixed the problem. If the program is still not working, then try the WebScraperPlus.exe installer to uninstall and then reinstall again. This should then fix the problem.

If that doesn't work, try this: http://wswiki.velocityscape.com/Login%20failed%20for%20user%20sa%20or%20providus_sys.ashx
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