Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

Before beginning, make sure that the datapage wizard is not open. It appears as a separate window taking up most of the left hand side of the datapage editor. There should be a "Close" link on it to get rid of it. You can turn it off altogether under Tools -> Options from the Console.

  1. Create the datapage
    1. Navigate to the page you want to build a template from in the datapage editor
    2. From the drop down select Datapage -> New
    3. Name the datapage, leave the database information at this point blank
  2. Create a dataset
    1. Highlight in the browser portion of the editor the start of a row of data. Be sure to highlight a little in front of the start of this row.
    2. Below in the source code window, highlight what you believe to be a string of data that will appear in front of every single row. This must not include any data actually in the first field.
    3. From the drop down select Dataset -> Add
    4. Select the number of rows of data that appear on this page from the drop down (Note: the datapage will still work later if there is a different number of rows on a different page.)
    5. Name the dataset, and this time enter database information so that datapage knows where to record the information it scrapes. Edit the meta tags as you want. I prefer META_SRC_URI and META_PKG_STRT be left turned on
  3. Create fields
    1. Now highlight a little before and after the first field you want to extract in the browser window.
    2. In the source code window below, highlight exactly what you want to be scraped
    3. From the drop down select Field -> Add
    4. Name the field
    5. Repeat for all fields for this dataset

Note: you can also go back and add additional dataset if there is data on this page that you want written to different tables altogether.
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