Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

This message comes up when the content of one field overlaps the content of another field, regardless of whether a field was deleted or changed after its original creation.

  • To work around the error, select content/HTML that is after the overlapping region but before the next field, regardless if this is the actual content you want in the field. Try selecting HTML/content of at least 1/10th the size of the actual content/HTML you want (if you can't you will need to change the column length in the Field Properties->Database tab->Column Length. Keep in mind that this value resets itself based on the original content length every time a new field in this dataset is created. So create all your fields, then go back and fix column lengths.)
  • Once the field is created, you can change the tags in Field Properties->Tags(Manual) tab, to get the actual content you want.

The alternative to this is to recreate the datapage, getting the fields right on creation.
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