Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

This is a general error that is hiding a more detailed error with a specific task. The task name is mentioned in the error message. "... that you specified as the source of a file or url list for the task TASKNAME. Ensure that the database ...". The thing to do is to investigate this task further

  1. Open the package properties by double clicking the package in the Console
  2. Under the steps tab, double click the task that the error message indicated
  3. under the "File List" (or "Form List") tab, click the Test link in the bottom right corner
  4. The query editor will open up. Click the play button (an arrow icon) and see the error message that is now displayed. This is the real error that you should not try to trouble shoot.

If the error message you end up seeing is something about the database or table not existing, then this may not be the real error you're after either. Web Scraper will not create tables that it writes to from datapages until that datapage actually tries to write data for the first time. So you may need to do the following:
  1. disable the task that is causing the error and all tasks after that
  2. run the package
  3. go hunt down the error again as explained in the above steps. It is possible that web scraper created some tables and the query editor will now show you the actual error that is causing the problem.
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