Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

Use the following syntax to loop through multiple executions of a package in a batch file. The three numbers 1, 1, and 500 represent the start, step, and end of the loop respectively. This statement will execute the package specified by C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\PkgExec.exe" -p "F5E9826D-AAC4-4738-B613-D7DA50CC9A09 a total of 500 times.

FOR /L %%N IN (1,1,500) DO "C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\PkgExec.exe" -p "F5E9826D-AAC4-4738-B613-D7DA50CC9A09" -s NEXT PAGES %%N

Note that %N must be used when manually inserting this into the command window. %%N defines variables within a batch file. Also the NEXT PAGES %%N will be ignored by the PkgExec.exe command line parser, and is included to report the iteration that the loop is on.

Also the package should be run with the -s option. Otherwise, you'll have to click "OK" to the package complete message at the end of every iteration to continue to the next.
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