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The following process fixes the Login failed for user 'sa' or 'providus_sys' by attaching the ProvidusDB database that has a clean Web Scraper Backend preconfigured in its tables. This is for new installations, that don't have pre-existing packages and datapages that you want to keep.

  • Download SQL Server Express(SQLEXPR.EXE)
  • Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Download providusdb.zip
  • Extract providusdb.zip to C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data
  • Click the SQL Server Express executable, SQLEXPR.EXE, that you downloaded
  • Uncheck hide advanced options box when you see it
  • Change instance name from SQLEXPRESS to PROVIDUSSTD
  • Choose Mixed Mode validation with sa password "velocityscape"
    • If the password policy is violated choose a strong password that will need to set back to velocityscape later
  • Use Local System rather than Network Service for the account type
  • Open SQL Server Express Management Studio Express and connect to the Database Engine, .\PROVIDUSSTD instance, SQL Server Authentication, user: sa, password: velocityscape
  • If you had to make a strong password earlier, go under PROVIDUSSTD -> Security -> Users or Logins -> sa, and change password to "velocityscape" and uncheck enforce password policy checkbox
  • Open SQL Server Express Management Studio Express and connect to the .\PROVIDUSSTD instance with user: sa password: velocityscape
  • In the Object Explorer (left pane) go into PROVIDUSSTD, right click the Databases folder and go to Attach...
  • Click Add and Browse to C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data\ProvidusDB_data.mdf. Click OK.
  • If you can't login as sa, try the next step to create it and come back to this step.
    • Under the ./PROVIDUSSTD -> Security -> Logins or Users -> "sa", make the password velocityscape, Server Role sys_admin, and User Mapping -> ProvidusDB, owner and public checked.
    • Make sure that "Enforce password policy" is unchecked. If you get an error about changing the password, try to delete the sa user and re-create it.
  • Under (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Databases -> ProvidusDB -> Security folder -> Schemas, right click providus_sys and change owner Schema owner to "guest" without quotes.
  • Again in (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Databases -> ProvidusDB -> Security folder -> Users or Logins, right click providus_sys and choose Delete.
  • Now under (YourComputerName)\PROVIDUSSTD -> Security -> Logins
    • Right click the Logins folder and select New Login...
    • Give it the name providus_sys
    • Choose SQL authentication with password machupicchu
    • Un-check Enforce password policy checkbox
    • Click Server Roles in the left pane and check sysadmin
    • Click user mapping in left pane and check ProvidusDB in the top right pane
    • Then check db_owner in the bottom pane
    • Press OK
  • Once you are done setting up ProvidusDB manually (the above steps), you will need to tell Web Scraper to not attempt to do this itself the first time it starts. To do this edit the registry as follows
    • Start regedit by typing "regedit" in the command prompt
    • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Velocityscape\Providus
    • Change IsFirstRun to 0. You are now ready to try to start Web Scraper again
  • Open the registry Editor (From the Start-> Run box, type regedit)
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE-> Velocityscape-> Providus
  • Right-click on the main window and choose New-> String Value
  • Rename the New Value *1 to DoStartSQL
  • Right-click the DoStartSQL key, choose "Modify" and in the Value data box type -1
    • If for some reason you are not able to change the registry, try running Web Scraper as an administrator.
  • Click here and follow these instructions
  • Start Web Scraper

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