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The following process fixes the Login failed for user 'sa' or 'providus_sys' by attaching the ProvidusDB database that has a clean Web Scraper Backend preconfigured in its tables. This is for new installations, that don't have pre-existing packages and datapages that you want to keep.

  • Download and Install SQL Server Express Management Studio Express
  • Download ProvidusDB.mdf
  • Extract providusdb.zip to C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data
  • Open SQL Server Express Management Studio Express and connect the the .\PROVIDUSSTD instance.
  • In the Object Explorer (left pane) go into PROVIDUSSTD, right click the Databases folder and go to Attach...
  • Click Add and Browse to C:\Program Files\Web Scraper Plus+\Data\ProvidusDB.mdf. Click OK.
  • Under ProvidusDB -> Security folder, change owner of schema, providus_sys to guest
  • Delete the providus_sys user (or login) from the database level
  • Create the providus_sys user at the instance level (password machupicchu) with user mapping set to make it the owner of providusdb. Also make sure its server role is set to sysadmin.

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