Web Scraper and Web Macros FAQs

  1. Run the package that will write information to the Local SQL Instance
    • Note:Even though you may have Datapages that have the Local SQL Instance selected as their output source, the databases and tables themselves are not created until that datapage writes to datastore the first time.
  2. Open the SQL Query Editor
    • From the Console window select Tools  Query Editor … or hit Ctrl + Q
  3. Connect to the Local SQL Instance
    • You should now see the SQL editor window
    • Select the connect button (an icon that looks like a page)
    • Select the “Local SQL Instance (Providus) radio button
    • Click OK
    • A list of databases should appear in the right hand pane.
  4. View the data you want to export (No SELECT statement provided)
    • Expand the “+” arrow next to the database you are interested in and double click the table you want to view.
    • If there are more than 1000 rows of results, change the Query in the top left pane by changing SELECT TOP 1000 * to SELECT *
    • Hit the play icon if you’ve removed the “TOP 1000” in the previous step
    • You should now see the data you wish to export
  5. View the data you want to export (SELECT statement provided)
    • Copy and past the select statement provided into the top right pane. Note: If a .sql file was provided you can also open this file via the Open icon
    • Hit the play icon
    • You should now see the data you wish to export
  6. Export the data
    • First, decide whether you want to export to excel or to a .tsv text file. An excel file has a limit of 65,000 rows. A .tsv (tab separated value) file has no limit on number of rows and can be read into any modern database. However, a .tsv is not easily readable as just a text file.
    • With the data you wish to export displayed in the bottom right pane, hit the appropriate icon (an X for excel or a pad of paper for .tsv) to export the package
    • You should see a message in the bottom pane stating the number of rows exported
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